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How will I support myself and my children? Will I get to stay in the home? Will I be able to make support payments? How long will the process take? What property am I entitled to keep? When will I be allowed to see my children? At the Law Office of Kim-Marie Phelan, LLC, in Revere, we know that the unknown in any family matter can be stressful and frightening.

We provide comprehensive representation in any family matter whether you live in Essex County, Middlesex County, or anywhere in northeastern Massachusetts.

With Attorney Phelan's decades of legal experience and our hands-on approach, we are able to instill in you the confidence that your family is going to be okay. We will take the uncertainty out of your situation by educating you about the law, providing guidance on what you should expect in your situation and relentlessly pursuing your goals.

Tenacious Representation In Any Family Matter

We will zealously protect your rights and your family's interests in any family matter, including:

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In your very first consultation with attorney Kim-Marie Phelan, she will discuss the particulars of your family situation in detail. Attorney Phelan will determine what steps need to be taken now to address your immediate needs and concerns and begin developing a long-term strategy to protect your interests.

You can contact attorney Phelan at 781-629-9341 to schedule an appointment. You can also complete our online form and confidentially send us your information.