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At Law Office of Kim-Marie Phelan, we treat arrangements involving your children with utmost care and respect. Their well-being is a priority both in the eyes of the law and in our practice. Our office works to create effective, lasting solutions so your children have stable, predictable relationships with you and other family members. In order to achieve that goal, we’ll give you direct and detailed advice about your rights, obligations, and options.

Find Optimal Solutions for a Range of Situations

  • Determining sole or joint physical and legal custody
  • Drafting thorough, practical parenting plans that you and your spouse will be able to implement in the future
  • Parenting time or visitation right
  • Handling post-decree modifications whenever necessary
  • Addressing matters involving parental relocation and removal of a child

Get Legal Help in Determining Support Calculations

In Massachusetts, child support is calculated under a specific formula based on each parent’s gross income and certain deductions, including health care costs. Under the state law, a support order can remain in place until the child either graduates from college or turns 23, whichever comes first. However, even when both parties complete an honest financial statement, there are discrepancies. As your representative, we apply our understanding of complex financial data and income analysis to ensure that the child support calculation is accurate.

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Attorney Kim-Marie Phelan brings more than 28 years of legal experience to the table and is a highly respected attorney. Law Office of Kim-Marie Phelan has a 5-star rating on Google.

She was educated at the University of Houston Law Center, Houston, TX, and the University of Maine, Orono, Maine. In 2016 she earned the Client Satisfaction Award from the Family Institute.

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